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About Us

AddShareSale is a new concept which we have launched in India taking into consideration the many difficulties that occur in business from the wholesale point of view. was born when we realized that in this tech savvy environment, many businesses in the ecommerce sector have failed as they did not have adequate back-end supply infrastructure or timely notification for the supply of inventory. This website aims to solve this challenge.

At, we mainly focus on solving the issues faced by the sellers and suppliers. Here, without investing in any additional technology, suppliers have an open market for themselves, where they can take their business to newer heights. At the same time, retail sellers can ensure that they do not face any inventory shortages due to any reason, they can order their supplies online through the website round the clock, also ensuring that their goods are always in stock.

We, at, act as an intermediary between the sellers and suppliers. All that the supplier needs to do is to upload all his/her products to the site. Sellers who are interested in the products will display the same on their websites through API integration between Addsharesale and the suppliers’ website. Once any customer places an order on the sellers’ website, the order will reflect in AddShare Sale which will be conveyed to the supplier. In turn, the supplier has to send the order to AddShareSale, where the products will pass through a stringent quality control procedure before being dispatched to the seller. With us being the intermediary between the sellers and suppliers, the chances of poor quality of products being delivered, timely payment issues or any other issues faced by online transactions are next to nil. The payment for the goods will be kept in an escrow account and will be released to the supplier within 15 days of the product being delivered to the customer. All orders on the platform will be prepaid. We take the full responsibility for the security of the money deposited with us by the sellers.

We hope that this initiative is a win-win situation for everyone. It is our constant endeavour to ensure that your business works smoothly and we are open to suggestions and/or inquiries for the same.

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