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Addsharesale use Escrow Money

There is always an element of trust in every business transaction. Whether you are purchasing a simple hair pin to complex heavy duty machinery, the buyer trusts the seller to provide him with the quality of goods which the seller has promised to deliver. If the buyer and seller do not physically see each other, a third party agent is appointed to mediate the sale and ensure both the parties get what was promised. With E-commerce revolutionizing the marketplace, the Internet has become the ‘third party agent’ for many sellers and buyers to meet virtually for making business deals.

However, the main issue of trust still persists in such virtual interactions. Many people still distrust online marketplaces as they are not comfortable with not meeting the other party or representative in person.

AddShareSale has been designed to help you trust online websites with the goal of mutually solving the challenges faced by both the sellers as well as the suppliers. For us to be able to do so, we have to intervene in all the business transactions executed through the website, so as to ensure full compliance of quality control and timely deliveries. That is why the payment received by the seller is kept in escrow till the goods are not delivered to them. Once the delivery is done, the payment is released to the supplier within 15 days of the delivery date.

While in Escrow, the supplier sends the products to our warehouse where it undergoes strict quality control measures and is packed before sending it to the seller who has ordered it. We intend to help you take your business to greater heights, whether you are a seller or a supplier.

So, if you are a seller selling online, you can select the best products you desire from our collection and directly integrate it with your E-commerce portal through API. Whenever an order is received, we assure you that your customers will get the best products as we have stringent quality control measures.