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Issues facing online Ecommerce websites owners

Online retail has disrupted the way business is conducted forever. It has helped businesses to grow at a fast pace with minimal investments and an easy entry barrier. Many small and medium enterprises have jumped onto the E-commerce bandwagon by launching their own in-house shopping portals. This flood of new age websites has resulted in cut-throat competition and wafer-thin margins. However, this is not the only issue faced by these Ecommerce websites

Rapidly changing trends

Social media and peer pressure have resulted in rapidly changing trends in product and service use, especially in the apparel sector. With each passing trend, the demand for the trend specific product decreases, resulting in excess inventory which eventually will be sold at a discount.

Inventory Management

Online sales are unpredictable. Customers may buy anything at anytime. Many products which are stocked out may get orders if not handled correctly. Internal coordination between the site manager and the warehouses sometimes is not up to the mark in many organizations. Untimely delivery of stock is also an issue with many organizations as the demand for particular products cannot be estimated. This ultimately leads to poor customer satisfaction.

Fast Moving Goods

Many goods have now lost much of their long term value. Apparels, for example are slowly becoming Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) as many young people with high disposable incomes buy clothes regularly for different events.

Addsharesale as a Product Fetching Engine

AddShareSale aims to embrace this new inclination. After thorough research into the workings of Ecommerce companies, we have come up with a unique solution. Through AddShareSale, sellers can upload all the latest products on their websites through integration with AddShareSale. All the attributes of the products are available for use along with automatically updated prices and availability of the product.

With such real time data available without any kind of intervention from the sellers end, the seller has a chance to stand out from the cut throat competition in the Ecommerce sector. Additionally, managing inventory also becomes much easier with this real time API integration.

We are sure, with AddShareSale, you can take your business to newer heights and always stay ahead of the competition.

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