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Supplier Policy

At AddShareSale, we help suppliers get a ready market for their products without them having to deal with any kind of research or sales activities. Suppliers can now focus solely on fulfilling orders in the timeline mutually agreed by both the supplier and AddShareSale. By using the services of AddShareSale, suppliers are bound to abide by the following rules and regulations-

  • AddShareSale will hand out its payments due to the suppliers every 15 days through cheque.
  • We trust our suppliers to ensure that they do not sell defective goods, however, in the case any goods are found defective, it is obligatory for the suppliers to accept the goods.
  • If, for any reason, any order is cancelled, the supplier is obligated to accept the goods from AddShareSale.
  • If, for any reason, we, at AddShareSale do not dispatch the products to the seller, you as a supplier of those products, are obliged to accept it.
  • We request the supplier to ensure that all the products details are regularly updated on the website(especially in case of price changes or other product specifications)
  • On receipt of orders from AddShareSale, the suppliers have the freedom to specify the date by which they intend to fulfill the order at the earliest and it is obligatory for the suppliers to fulfill the orders by the date specified by them.