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Why Choose Addsharesale?

Got issues with maintaining your inventory? Here is a solution. acts as a link between suppliers and sellers

As sellers, we have seldom faced the situation wherein we need a particular product from the market and we face difficulties in getting it at the right time. This results in loss of potential profits and revenues., our newly launched website, aims to solve this. We are creating a huge database of sellers and suppliers who can contact each other and make business transactions.

It is a win-win situation for both as the suppliers get a ready market for their products while the sellers get to choose from a wide range of products/catalogs.

It is our constant endeavour to ensure that the website comes handy for all the parties concerned. We aim to be a ‘social networking site’ for selling of merchandise.

We are also active on Facebook (link), Twitter (link) and Google+ (link)

Services offered

  • From the suppliers end
  • Upload latest products on the site.
  • Update the prices of the product.
  • Update the stock of a particular product.
  • Unique features for the suppliers
  • Chance to cross sell products.
  • Unlimited space on the website to upload products.
  • Mobile interface for easier use.
  • Helps in price control in the wake of competition.
  • The site accepts Ecommerce Technology models (E commerce TAM)
  • You can reach out to a large number of sellers who might be interested in your products.
  • Each product is assigned a product manager which makes it easier for sellers to contact the suppliers.
  • From the sellers end
  • Download the details of the products/catalogs that interest you.
  • Get the latest price update.
  • Get the latest stock updates.
  • Unique features for the sellers
  • We ensure that you get the most accurate product according to your specifications.
  • We help you to expand your business by ensuring that you get the right mix of the products you require.
  • Through the site you can stay in contact with the suppliers of the products you require.
  • Direct integration between your Ecommerce business and our website.
  • Free SMS and Email Alert facility for stock availability is provided.
  • Timely updates of the products required.
  • Manage your orders professionally.